Luke warm herbal oil is  applied on the body and gently massaged.


Tones up muscles,  improves blood circulation.

Relative benefit.
Offers a much better feeling of rejuvenation when compared  to other massages


The technique involves massaging healing oils into the body with the foot and is administered with the masseur holding onto a long, strong rope for balance. The weight and pressure of the foot are used to press and relax the muscles and work the energy lines, as in Thai massage.

By using the heel, ball, instep and toes the masseur works with flowing, deep strokes over the whole body and is able to go deep into muscle and bone alignment and can release deep rooted blockages both emotionally and physically.

The Benefits

As this massage works on both the physical and energetic bodies, this massage can:

• strengthen and align muscle and bone
• increase circulation of blood and lymph glands
• detoxify the whole body
• regulate the digestive system
• boost immune system
• improve skin conditions
• relax the body
• balance the energy bodies